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MBK - kurser og kursuscenter
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Garage11 - showroom
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The Auschwitz exhibition - Malmömässan
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How are virtual tours useful?

Virtual tours benefit all kinds of businesses that want to advertise their knowledge, build bonds and credibility with customers, and improve online search engine results.

There are many reasons why virtual tours are a hot commodity right now. Among other things, they’re fun, and they use a form of media that is exciting and appealing to customers. A 360 tour can guide prospective customers through the interior of your virtual playground. Going through this virtual tour can even illustrate the unique atmosphere of the space.


Virtual tours attract customers in the 18 to 34 years age group, as they are 130% more likely to book based on a virtual tour. (Reimagine Main Street)

Millennials are at the forefront of this new marketing technology, as they are more like to book a venue or use a service if the business website offers a virtual tour.


Half of all adults on the internet rely on virtual tours for product and service research regularly. (TIG Global)

Businesses that offer virtual tours enjoy increased bookings and look-to-book conversion ratios by 16% to 67%. The more engaging the media, having a voice-over, adding background music, animation, or video, the higher the conversion rate.


Websites with virtual tours receive 5 to 10 times longer views than those without, virtual tour statistics reveal. (Leonardo Worldwide)

A virtual tour is appealing because it makes your customers feel like they’re walking through the actual experience. It allows customers to engage while playing around the virtual playground you’ve created.


Two out of three customers know what is a virtual tour and want more businesses to offer them. (Seek Beak)

Among survey participants, 67% would like to see more virtual tour opportunities. 26% are indifferent, and only 7% feel that virtual tours were not necessary. What this means is customers truly appreciate virtual tours on company websites.


There are over five million visits on virtual tours every day worldwide, virtual tour statistics confirm. (Panomatics)

The demand for virtual tours exists simply because it’s a great and innovative tool for both businesses and customers. Customers can enjoy peace of mind while they get a virtual feel of a business or service. It also helps to build a bond of trust between the business and its customers. And it doesn’t just end here: Virtual tours also attract new customers. Visitors tend to spend a long time on sites with virtual tours, which has the potential to increase sales and site traffic.


A virtual tour helps listings double interest. (Christian Parley)

Customers who go through a virtual tour are twice as likely to make a reservation. Additionally, stats about Google reveal that businesses with Google virtual tours have a 16% higher chance of appearing in Google Search or Google Maps.


A virtual tour company, reveals that 90% of its clients have a strong brand presence in the marketplace. (Matterport)

Virtual tour clients have good marketing results, as the overwhelming majority reported stronger brand visibility. What’s more: 83% of these companies claim to have a more competitive edge, and 74% claim to win more listings after employing virtual tours. Key takeaway: A well-made virtual tour can make all the difference in today’s competitive market.


Google prefers displaying virtual images as thumbnails with a two to one ratio. (Laurels Tech)

If your site has a virtual tour on your Google My Business listing, Google will favor your 360 thumbnails as thumbnail displays on search results. So, an easy way to gain visibility is to use 360 posts or virtual tours. The thing is: Google virtual tours can also influence your listing’s strength or visibility in organic search. In fact, map listings that have a Google virtual tour see a 12% increase in engagement.


92% of prospective home buyers research on the internet before reaching out to an agent. (Matterport)

Most customers check online before making any purchase decision, especially for the real estate industry. So, real estate industries should provide as much information as possible on their websites and also include a virtual tour website to provide customers with the full experience.


Virtual tours reduce wasted viewings by 40%. (Medium)

Virtual tours are more effective in helping customers make a real estate decision. And this shows, especially when we look at the significantly reduced percentage of wasted viewing. real estate 360 virtual tour statistics reveal that 75% of customer decision making is affected by a virtual tour.


in 2016, 63% of travel sites posted at least one 360 photo or video. (Social Bakers)

Outside the real estate industry, travel companies are also taking advantage of virtual tours by giving customers a glimpse into the real deal. 360 photos and videos are a fun way for customers to explore a location or a room to get more information before booking.
After travel companies, the automotive industry also publishes a lot of 360 posts, as there were 54% of company pages with 360 tours. The study also found that Facebook users find 360-degree photos significantly more engaging than regular photos.


You can get a tour of the white house from the comfort of your own home. (The White House)

Since 2012, you can go on a White House virtual tour 360 in your underwear in the comfort of your own home. Since President Obama entered the US office, he and the First Lady focused on opening the White House doors to the public.

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